Many people are unfamiliar with what therapy entails, and wonder what the experience will be like.

This photo typifies the therapy process, by which I mean that each time you look at the picture you see something new – something that was never apparent on first glance. To see a new aspect of this photo, you often have to examine a particular part of the photograph (zoom-in) or you may need to adopt a different perspective e.g. look into the reflection of the window. Alternatively, you may need to “zoom out” and look at the photo as a whole. Therapy is about examining your life – your story. This may entail examining aspects of your life which you may or may not have thought of before or it may require understanding various patterns that keep repeating themselves in your life.

China Town, San Francisco – Copyright Alana Reitapple Blitstein, 2010

To understand more about the therapy process, I’d recommend reading any of Irvin Yalom’s books. In particular:

  • Love’s Executioner and other tales, Basic Books, 1989
  • Lying On the Couch, Basic Books, 1996

I also highly recommend reading both books by psychologist, Edith Eger:

  • The Choice (2017) and The Gift (2020)